FAQs > Welcome: the Publissimo CloudMenu Dashboard

After logging into your account you will arrive at the Publissimo CloudMenu Dashboard, from where you can manage your menu items, customize the look of your menu, and more.

Let’s take a quick tour of the main CloudMenu Dashboard:

Note the main menu along the left side of the screen; this is where you can get at all the various components of the CloudMenu platform. Let’s take a quick look at each menu item, to give you a general idea of what each section is for.


This link brings you back home, to the Dashboard. If you had multiple locations, you could view other locations under “My Sites”.

QR Codes

The QR Codes section is where you can go to create and download your own QR code. The QR Code system allows you to direct visitors to any page within your menu system.


All pictures and videos you upload to your menu are organized under the “Media” tab.


Every page on your site that is not a menu is editable here (for example, your Landing Page, a Chef Feature page, etc.)


For clients of our full E-Commerce and POS platform, this section contains all order reports and shop settings.


For all client, this is where you can add, edit and delete menu items. Most of your time will be spent in this section!


For E-Commerce clients,this tab operates as a regular Point of Sales/cashier app.


For E-Commerce clients, glean insights into your sales through the built-in Analytics section.


Create and manage additional user accounts for colleagues and staff.


Add and configure your language settings here.

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